QUEENS MARINE SERVICES PVT LTD. is proud of its highly trained and experienced team who can assist you in all aspects of customs clearance. We are backed by multi-beneficial resources which include an in-depth global knowledge of the procedures, legislation and customs tariffs that form the backbone of Indian import and export clearances. QUEENS MARINE SERVICES PVT LTD. is also well adept at the administerial management in organizing clearances in well-established and emerging international markets as part of our door-to-door service. Any shipment, any size, we at QUEENS MARINE SERVICES PVT LTD. are a one-stop-shop for all your global logistics needs. Clients can avail versatile services that can also be effectively integrated with one or more of our machinery movement, freighting, storage or case making services. QUEENS MARINE SERVICES PVT LTD. Customs brokerage professionals leverage local expertise and our information systems ensure your valuable cargo is released quickly and accurately.




QUEENS MARINE SERVICES PVT LTD. Customs Clearance services include:

  • Customs Documentation through tailor-made software
  • Carting / Receiving Goods
  • Examination Of Shipments
  • Handling of stuffing & de-stuffing at Ports
  • ICD's and Customers warehouse